Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chain Chomp Hat

     I was looking through two weeks ago in search of inspiration for Xmas knitting when I ran into a pattern that I had to make. I mean, right then and there! I am not sure why this spoke to me and why I felt compelled to make it right away but I was so I did! Usually when I find a pattern I know exactly who I am making it for (I rarely knit for myself but prefer to give relatives and friends my knits) but this was crying out to be made. After I was on the needles, I decided to give it to my 6 year old nephew, Logan, because he had just turned 6 and because I thought he would like it. First, let me give credit to the creator of the pattern before I start flooding this post with pics. The pattern is a freebie on and the designer is KnittingNinja and the pattern can be found at this link: 
     The only variation I made to the pattern was that I asked my sister to crochet the eyes instead of using felt. She kind of freeformed the eyes so I do not know what size needle, how many stitches used, or anything else and since I do not crochet I cannot say what technique she used or anything. From what she said it was simple but that is all the information I have about them. Without further ado here is my attempt at the
Chain Chomp Hat:

On the needles
I made the hat first and was really proud because I did it in the round on circs. This is still amazing to me because I am still new at this technique.
Complete hat-looks great!
Complete hat from another angle

After making the hat you have to add the teeth-this was a little intimidating to me because I am not all that great at picking up stitches. The only other time I have picked up stitches was the one time I tried to "turn a heel" while making a sock--it did not turn out well. But I wanted this hat so I went really slowly and followed the great instructions that KnittingNinja wrote.
TEETH! Oh please excuse the glare..white yarn and cellphone do not mix!

All the teeth! Again excuse the glare...oh and my model? Paper towel roll!

Logan, my nephew, showing off the teeth

Close-up of Logan and teeth

Once the teeth were on the front and the back I decided to make the chain. My sister was crocheting the eyes for me, to be added later, so I forged on with the rest of the pattern. Now I have posted before how much I found icord making to be BORING but this was one of the best features of the hat and so I had to do it. My favorite part of the hat:
My nephew, Logan, modeling the hat...see the back teeth? SO CUTE!

Now the finished product:

With eyes on!!!

I LOVE THE FINISHED HAT! Despite giving the hat to my nephew, who liked it, my sister fell MORE in love with it and is now the proud owner of the Chain Chomp Hat!!! I see myself making a BIGGER sized one for another relative in the future!