Monday, May 30, 2011

Finished Nesha's Graduation Gift!!!

Ok, so I have not officially given the gift yet but I cannot wait to post pics of it! I worked really hard (and fast as well) on this gift. After working and re-working different patterns I finally chose to this pattern for 2 reasons: 1.) it's fast and pretty, and 2.) it is the exact pattern I used for my great-niece's baby blanket who happens to be Nesha's goddaughter. I hope she loves, loves, loves it and thinks of me and my family often when she uses it in those cold dorms in the Fall!!! I am still learning how to import pics from so please forgive me that they are all in their own posts!!!!

Nesha's Graduation Gift

Nesha's Graduation Gift by mad4marvin
Nesha's Graduation Gift, a photo by mad4marvin on Flickr.

Pic 5 of 5--good pic of colors
Impeccable Navy and Lavender!

Knit side of Nesha's blanket

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Up close: Nesha's Blanket

Up close: Nesha's Blanket by mad4marvin
Up close: Nesha's Blanket, a photo by mad4marvin on Flickr.

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Nesha's Grad gift

Nesha's Grad gift by mad4marvin
Nesha's Grad gift, a photo by mad4marvin on Flickr.

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For Nesha's graduation

For Nesha's graduation by mad4marvin
For Nesha's graduation, a photo by mad4marvin on Flickr.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Still working on the blanket....Shhhh...Don't tell!!!

I have been knitting like crazy trying to finish the afghan I started as a graduation gift to my niece's best friend. I have in-progress pictures and I want to post them here in my blog but I am afraid that she will see the afghan and not be surprised on graduation day-June 10th! So....instead I will talk about something different-my friend, April started a blog! I am really excited and will be plugging her blog as much as I can without seeming like a pushy chick! April's blog is called April's Crazy Mind and it is here on blogger. She started the blog because she needs someone to learn something from her life. She is married to a great guy and together they have 4 kids. Her blog is about her life with her husband and kids as well as her medical issues, dealing with a child who is almost a super genius, dealing with a child on the Autism Spectrum, dealing with a child just diagnosed with deafness, and a newborn! All the while she maintains a loving life for her family and along the way has a TON OF LAUGHS!! Please check her out! Her blog address is She's new so any with insight on how to improve her blog...feel free to tell her!!! Enjoy and I will be posting pictures soon of the afghan!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Been Busy.....

     I feel so neglectful of my blog...and I am sorry. I have been really busy as of late and have been unable to blog. Right now I am working on finishing up a HUGE project: my Bachelor's degree in Communications. On June 6th 2011, I will be finished! I am really excited! Besides school I am also helping my niece plan a baby shower. In Sept. she will be giving birth to a little boy! Her theme for the shower is pacifiers and it will be held in July. For the new baby I am going to knit a faux cable baby hat, a blanket and some booties, I have already finished Baby's First Wrap in a nice antique white but may have to redo it in blue since I made it before we knew he was a boy (my niece already has a 2 yr old daughter so I was trying to keep it neutral!)
     Also on my needles is a graduation gift for my nieces best friend, but she is more like a niece to me so I feel honored to be making her a blanket! She asked me about a month ago to make her a purple and blue throw so that she can carry it to college with her in the Fall. Let me tell: I was soooooo honored!! What 18 year old girl asks for a handmade knit afghan for a graduation gift??? So I bought the yarn: Impeccable yarn in Navy and Lavendar. I figured 2-3 months is plenty of time to make a throw...however, this blanket is refusing to be made! I have re-done this thing 3 times! I am on my third DIFFERENT pattern!! Right now I am doing a modified baby blanket pattern that seems to be working. I hope it keeps working because I am running out of time! ARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!
      When I am done with all the baby items and the graduation afghan I will post pictures: that is if the Graduation afghan doesn't kill me first!!!!!