Monday, May 23, 2011

Still working on the blanket....Shhhh...Don't tell!!!

I have been knitting like crazy trying to finish the afghan I started as a graduation gift to my niece's best friend. I have in-progress pictures and I want to post them here in my blog but I am afraid that she will see the afghan and not be surprised on graduation day-June 10th! So....instead I will talk about something different-my friend, April started a blog! I am really excited and will be plugging her blog as much as I can without seeming like a pushy chick! April's blog is called April's Crazy Mind and it is here on blogger. She started the blog because she needs someone to learn something from her life. She is married to a great guy and together they have 4 kids. Her blog is about her life with her husband and kids as well as her medical issues, dealing with a child who is almost a super genius, dealing with a child on the Autism Spectrum, dealing with a child just diagnosed with deafness, and a newborn! All the while she maintains a loving life for her family and along the way has a TON OF LAUGHS!! Please check her out! Her blog address is She's new so any with insight on how to improve her blog...feel free to tell her!!! Enjoy and I will be posting pictures soon of the afghan!!!