Monday, December 27, 2010

More Blizzard 2010 pics

leaving  Disputanta

Disputanta, Va

Post Office in Disputanta

Disputanta, Va

Another field on 460

Field off of 460

house on 460

Carroll Food Processing plant

Snow on 460

Blizzard 2010

    So recently I posted pics on here of what I thought was a lot of snow....oh how Mother Nature thought that was funny! She sure showed me what SNOW meant! Starting on Christmas of 2010 and ending today Monday, December 27th the Northeastern side of the United States was covered with snow. In Disputanta we had approx. 13 inches and in Waverly there was about 11 inches. Here are some pics:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Snow of 2010!!!

     Monday morning began like any other...cold and dark. I walked to the wood stove and opened the door. With sleep still in my eyes I began poking the hot embers with the cold metal poker, trying to make room for more wood so that the house would warm up. As I walked to the wood box to grab a few logs the phone rang. At 6:30 in the morning I have very few callers so I was surprised that the phone was ringing. I answered it rather quickly so that the whole house would not get woken up.
     "Hello?" I asked quietly and in disbelief at the early hour of the phone ringing.
     "There is no school this morning. Can you tell Serge?" said the little neighbor boy down the street.
     "Huh? Why?" I said as I watched my breath puff out of my mouth in the cold house.
     "The snow?!?" he said as if I was an idiot.
     "Snow?!? What snow? It snowed?!" I was hearing what the young boy was saying but not quite understanding the words.
     "Ummm....yea. Look outside. Tell Serge I'll call him later. Bye!" and he hung up the phone with an audible click. So....I looked outside....

<----Later that day

<----From my car window

     It is not unusual for snow to fall in Central Virginia....we see a few inches almost every year....but what was shocking is that just the week before the temp outside was in the 80's and 90's! The weatherman is predicting more snow this 80% chance of getting 2 inches or more! Seriously! I will post pictures when I get them!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Snow Family and Mr. Mouse pictures!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Snow!


Mr. Mouse----->

                             Snow Family and Mr. Mouse!! One big, happy family!!!

New Arrival!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Snow would like to announce the newest additions to their family:
                                                            Sissy Snow and Mr. Mouse!

       Sissy Snow is the new daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Snow and she was "born" on Dec. 4th, 2010! Sissy's hat, scarf, and mittens are made of a really soft pink yarn that has a mixture of silver, pom-poms, and fuzziness! Her eyes are black glass "E" beads (and so are her "coal" down her tummy) and her smile is made from black embroidery floss. Sissy's entire body is made from Bernat brand yarn in white and like the rest of the Snow Family her nose is made from Red Heart Orange. Sissy loves her mommy and daddy but more importantly she loves her BIG BROTHER-Jr. Snow!

       Mr. Mouse is an old friend of the family's and he once served in the military with Daddy Snow. They both fought hard for our country. Mr. Mouse has come to the Snow Family to help them because of the new arrival of Sissy. Daddy and Mommy Snow both hold down full-time jobs as Snowpeople so someone has to watch out for the little Snow Family members. Mr. Mouse is made from Impeccable Yarn (gray) and has Pound of Yarn pink ears and braided tail. His hat is made from Lion Brand yarn in brown. His eyes are black glass "E" beads.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow Family

Snow Family

        For the last 3 weeks I have been working on the Snow Family. On the left side is Daddy Snow, middle is Mommy Snow, and on the right hand side is Snow Junior. I bought a magazine at Booksamillion, which I never do, and found the pattern inside. I was surprised that I could actually KNIT these guys! The increases were a little difficult because I have never really done an increase before but once I started I could not STOP! Their eyes, mouths, and buttons on their tummies (they don't show up on my cell picture but they are there!) are made from glass E beads and embroidery floss. All three have different types of hats-I modified the magazine patterns so that they were all original designs. Mommy Snow has glass E beads on the backs of her mittens and one on the front of her hat. Daddy Snow has a fringed scarf. I think by next year I will have made enough of this fun little family to give as Christmas gifts to the family. But shhh! don't tell them!!! Also I have been asked by Tay and Carmen to make a Snow Sissy so I think I will be adding her to the family by this weekend. I already found the perfect pink fuzzy yarn to make her hat and scarf! My only fear is that I will run out of Bernat white before Sissy is finished and she is going to be made out of Red Heart-which may make her look different than the rest....I hope there is enough! Fingers crossed!!