Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Arrival!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Snow would like to announce the newest additions to their family:
                                                            Sissy Snow and Mr. Mouse!

       Sissy Snow is the new daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Snow and she was "born" on Dec. 4th, 2010! Sissy's hat, scarf, and mittens are made of a really soft pink yarn that has a mixture of silver, pom-poms, and fuzziness! Her eyes are black glass "E" beads (and so are her "coal" down her tummy) and her smile is made from black embroidery floss. Sissy's entire body is made from Bernat brand yarn in white and like the rest of the Snow Family her nose is made from Red Heart Orange. Sissy loves her mommy and daddy but more importantly she loves her BIG BROTHER-Jr. Snow!

       Mr. Mouse is an old friend of the family's and he once served in the military with Daddy Snow. They both fought hard for our country. Mr. Mouse has come to the Snow Family to help them because of the new arrival of Sissy. Daddy and Mommy Snow both hold down full-time jobs as Snowpeople so someone has to watch out for the little Snow Family members. Mr. Mouse is made from Impeccable Yarn (gray) and has Pound of Yarn pink ears and braided tail. His hat is made from Lion Brand yarn in brown. His eyes are black glass "E" beads.