Friday, July 27, 2012

A baby sweater and hat set...a gift set!

     Browsing through one day, I came across a pretty little baby sweater pattern called "Lilllie Baby Cardigan." Here is the link: lillie-baby-cardigan. I do not know why I felt so compelled to make this sweater since no one in my family is currently pregnant or has a baby that will fit the sweater but I became obsessed with making it. I cast-on without really having a recipient in first. Now please remember that I live in the South and in the South we have a looooooong tradition of convoluted family ties with twists and turns and extended family... please keep this in mind as I explain who the lucky Lillie Baby Cardigan recipient is. My sister-in-law's sister has an adult daughter (re: my sister-in-law's niece) and she is a Facebook friend of mine and although I have not seen her in a few years, is a part of my extended family, and lives in Kansas, I could not help but notice one day that she is pregnant (37 weeks this week) and I also could not help but notice that she is going to name her little girl...wait for it...LILY!! So...of course....the Lillie Baby Cardigan would BE PERFECT for her.
     I waited until I completed the pattern (in case I messed it up or got finish-itis) and then sent an IM to my sister-in-law's sister to ask if she thought her daughter would appreciate it. I did this because she is young (early 20's) and sometimes younger people (HEY WAIT I AM NOT OLD...I AM IN MY MID-cough-30's) do not want handmade gifts for their new little ones but prefer store bought, mass produced, perfectly made articles for their new babies. My sister-in-law's sister assured me that she would probably LOVE the gift and that I should directly IM her to find out. Imagine my surprise when she was overjoyed with the idea that I made something for her new little one! She practically gushed! I was so...honored...that she thought the gift was "thoughtful and sweet" (her words!) So I also made a tiny matching hat and away to Kansas it went!
The buttons are heart-shaped mother of pearls

complete sweater still needing one button

matching small it fits on tips of my fingers

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pirate Hat!

  When I got my monthly knitting magazine fix in July I was OVERJOYED to see a pattern for a toddler hat with a skull and crossbones on it! I have never really followed a chart before but this one looked simple enough and I cast-on happily. My intention, at first, was to make the toddler sized hat and send it to Kansas along with the Lillie Baby Cardigan (please see other post for this sweater!) but when the hat was was soooooo big that it didn't even fit my adult-sized head! I was a little disappointed with myself because I did everything the pattern stated except I did not knit a swatch...I never do though and everything usually works out fine. I didn't really know what to do with the finished hat...but then had a brilliant idea! My text-pal (think penpal but more MODERN) just had a birthday in June and LOVES hats. He lives in upstate New York and has cooold winters. So I sent to him! He loved it! Since making it I have had 2 other people ask for one! Here it is: 

<---flat on table

<---side view

<---far away version

skull and crossbone close-up---->

<---top of hat

Monday, July 23, 2012


I recently got a package in the mail! A RAK...or random act of kindness. A person, who I have never met, sent me some beautiful Mini Mochi yarn! SO...I wanted to return the favor but do not own anything equal to the Mini Mochi yarn (unless I sent it back to her!) but have been known to string a few beads here or there. As a return RAK, I made BEADED STITCH MARKERS!

 <---Please ignore Goofy...I was using a kids lap desk to make these!

These fit needles US size 4 and smaller so I hope my "mystery friend" can use them or pass them on to someone who can!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jack the Zebra and hunting safety gear!

       I recently bought a book at the local Goodwill with knitted stuffed animals in it...written by Fiona McTague. As I was looking through it I saw a zebra that I knew would be perfect for my zebra-loving niece, Allison (read previous post with Alli and her zebra scarf!). After reading through the pattern I realized that I couldn't really understand the directions so I changed a lot of the pattern to make the finished zebra. After making the zebra, I thought he needed a I knit him a day-glo orange vest! As a Virginian, I know all about hunting season and how hunters roam the woods in search of defenseless animals to shoot. I did not want the poor zebra to fall victim to hunting season so that day-glo orange vest will ensure that hunters can see him! I scoured for an appropriate pattern and asked in two different forums but nothing seemed quite right so I found a few patterns I liked and modified them to fit. Without further ado, I give you the newly-named zebra: Jack!

Jack and his "girls"

Jack and his safety vest!
Jack and his soulful eyes

Jack's mane, arm, and safety vest

Jack and his new mommy, Allison!!!!