Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jack the Zebra and hunting safety gear!

       I recently bought a book at the local Goodwill with knitted stuffed animals in it...written by Fiona McTague. As I was looking through it I saw a zebra that I knew would be perfect for my zebra-loving niece, Allison (read previous post with Alli and her zebra scarf!). After reading through the pattern I realized that I couldn't really understand the directions so I changed a lot of the pattern to make the finished zebra. After making the zebra, I thought he needed a I knit him a day-glo orange vest! As a Virginian, I know all about hunting season and how hunters roam the woods in search of defenseless animals to shoot. I did not want the poor zebra to fall victim to hunting season so that day-glo orange vest will ensure that hunters can see him! I scoured for an appropriate pattern and asked in two different forums but nothing seemed quite right so I found a few patterns I liked and modified them to fit. Without further ado, I give you the newly-named zebra: Jack!

Jack and his "girls"

Jack and his safety vest!
Jack and his soulful eyes

Jack's mane, arm, and safety vest

Jack and his new mommy, Allison!!!!