Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today is the last day of September and 2 weeks since my last blog entry. So, here is an update on the sick members of my family. Both of my nieces were released from the hospital and are expected to make a full recovery. The baby, Kylie, had an infection that started out as a cold...she is 8 weeks old today and is the picture of health. The doctors say that there are no long term effects from her illness. As a matter of fact, she is laying in her bed right now and I am watching her while I type this post. She smiles and even laughs out loud now! She is beautiful! My older niece, Rissa, who was also in the hospital is not doing as good as the baby. She is still suffering from intense pain and she is going to need surgery to remove a mastoid that has grown behind her ear drum. She has been getting injections of antibiotics ever since she was released from the hospital. The poor thing is constantly dizzy and feeling bad...hopefully the surgery will make it all go away!

On a lighter note...this Saturday (10/2) is a big day for my niece, who is 5 years old, will be in a parade and a dance recital for her Dance School! She is beautiful! And then I have 2 nieces who are in a beauty pageant! Busy day!

Important Dates in October
10/2-Beauty pageant/dance recital/parade
10/9-Kenyon's 1st birthday
10/11-Rissa's 19th birthday
10/13-Ryan's birthday
10/16-Krissy's wedding
10/23-Ciara's birthday

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So far September has proven to be a difficult family is being plagued by illness!! First, my 18 year old niece, Rissa, was struck down with a mysterious ailment/infection and has been in the hospital since last Saturday...9/11...and is expected to be in the hospital for another 5 days! It took a lot of testing to rule out bacterial and viral meningitis (she was symptomatic for both) before they narrowed it down to an ear infection that had moved into her brain. She needs intensive antibiotics and more tests. The doctors are concerned with memory loss and other issues that might mean the infection has caused damage to her brain. Also, they are concerned with her thyroid and pitutary glands...poor girl!! My sister is running herself crazy with worry and fear...this is her oldest daughter and for a long while..her only child. My nephew-in-law, T, was released from the hospital 9-12...he had MRSA and complications from a leg injury from a four-wheeler accident...he's ok...NOW Kylie is in the hospital....Children's Hospital of King's Daughters to be exact. She came down with a fever that would not go away. First she went to Obici in Suffolk but they sent her home after a few hours. Then when her fever STILL wouldn't break her mom called her doctor who said she needed to go to CHKD. THANK GAWD FOR THAT! She has viral meningitis!! At 5 weeks old, her little system could not handle exposure to something like the common cold and so it mutated into a form of menigitis...not contagious to others though or else I know my entire family would be stricken with it in a matter of days...we all see each other almost on a daily basis in one form or another so it would pass easily among us!
I have been sick for over a week myself....nothing deadly or hospital stay worthy...just a cold but it seems that it is going around. Luckily, I am almost over it but feel bad that I gave it to Jamie and her family! Did not realize I was soooo contagious (and before anyone thinks it-I did not infect Rissa or Kylie since my cold did not orginate with me--other members of the family had it first so I do not feel guilty!)
September has proven to be difficult and sickening--literally!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School....Crayon Wreath

So school started back here again on Tuesday and I have to say I am sooooo happy to see the big yellow bus picking up kids again. This year the family has 2 kids beginning their academic careers-Logan and Carmen-both started kindergarten! Yay!! I had fun helping Carmen get school supplies and clothes for her "Big Year!" I hope this year is great for both Carmen and Logan!

I was at Michael's Craft Store over the weekend and as usual I love looking at the displays that they make to show off products. One wreath really impressed me but the price was really scary-$40! I could never see myself spending that kind of money for something that I could make at a fraction of the the crafter that I am...I made it! Above is the picture of my Crayon Wreath! I made it for Carmen's teacher and as soon as someone heads up to the school she will receive this gift!! Before I write down how I did it...I have to mention the differences between my homemade wreath and Michael's $40 wreath!

Michael's Wreath: Bigger, less decroations, and way more expensive! Oh, and not handmade-store bought!

My Crayon Wreath: Smaller, more decorative, and a lot cheaper! Oh, and handmade-not store bought!!!

So here is how I did it:


Supplies needed:

foam wreath from Dollar store

Crayola crayons (I used 3.5 boxes of Crayolas)

pack of erasers from Dollar store

pack of Sticky notes from Dollar store

wooden School Bus from Michael's (bought on sale for .10)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

**Get everything opened and set up before beginning**

1. Glue crayons-making sure the labels all face the same way-onto the foam wreath. Make sure there are gaps between the crayons because this is the "base" row.

2. Glue 2nd round of crayons on top of "base" row. These will fill up the gaps between the crayons.

3. Glue decorations on top of crayons

*add any type of decorations you want to personalize! I added the teachers name to the Sticky pad!

**add ribbons or bows for decoration

***I did not add a hanger but one could be added if you want or need


Michael's wreath cost $40....Mine? Less than $5!!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


<--Kaycee as a baby

Kaycee @ 2-->

Today is Sept. 4th and it is my great niece, Kaycee's 2nd birthday!! Tomorrow is her birthday party and I cannot wait to give her my gifts! She loves Yo Gabba Gabba, baby dolls, and cleaning! Unfortunately Yo Gabba Gabba is impossible to find (I suspect that the manufacturer are on purposely holding back selling it so that @ Xmas we will see a repeat of the Tickle Me Elmo fiasco!)
Anyway, I searched high and low to find Kaycee the perfect gift! For once, I didn't even consider making Kaycee anything. For 1, what 2 year old wants a dumb ole knitted thing from their great aunt? (Besides me and all my knitty friends!) For 2, Kaycee is not a make something for type of girl. She has particular tastes and ideas-even at 2! So I ended up getting her a broom, dustpan, mop, "swiffer" and a couple of boxes of things like "fake latex gloves" and "fake cleaning solution." It is a-dora-ble!!! Oh, and I also got her a pink reusable shopping bag or "diaper bag" for her baby dolls. It is perfect because it has an elephant on it! She learned to "read" the word elephant from the "Your baby can read!" series! Inside the bag I threw in pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, and a pearl headband--and about 10 candy necklaces! She is going to love it!!!
So what is in store for the rest of the month? Well, I have started walking again. Sometimes with my sister, sometimes with my niece, and sometimes by myself. I am not actively trying to lose weight just trying to move around. So many of my "hobbies" involve sitting that I just want to move before I grow into a piece of furniture. Also if I happen to lose weight it will be a bonus! My niece (Kaycee's mommy) is getting married next month so losing weight might make a difference between a fat persons outfit and a not so fat persons outfit!
I am also working on charity knits. I have been searching on Ravelry for simple hat patterns, scarf, mitten (glittens or gloves), and even blanket patterns. I have knitted one adult hat, a preemie hat, and I am working on a matching blanket for the preemie hat. Winter is coming so I hope to be able to keep someone warm!
Upcoming events for the rest of Sept:
Kaycee's bday party-Sept. 5th
School starts-Sept. 7th
Aulbrie's 18th bday-Sept. 16th
Logan's 5th bday-Sept. 19th
Tracey's bday-Sept. 25th