Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today is the last day of September and 2 weeks since my last blog entry. So, here is an update on the sick members of my family. Both of my nieces were released from the hospital and are expected to make a full recovery. The baby, Kylie, had an infection that started out as a cold...she is 8 weeks old today and is the picture of health. The doctors say that there are no long term effects from her illness. As a matter of fact, she is laying in her bed right now and I am watching her while I type this post. She smiles and even laughs out loud now! She is beautiful! My older niece, Rissa, who was also in the hospital is not doing as good as the baby. She is still suffering from intense pain and she is going to need surgery to remove a mastoid that has grown behind her ear drum. She has been getting injections of antibiotics ever since she was released from the hospital. The poor thing is constantly dizzy and feeling bad...hopefully the surgery will make it all go away!

On a lighter note...this Saturday (10/2) is a big day for my niece, who is 5 years old, will be in a parade and a dance recital for her Dance School! She is beautiful! And then I have 2 nieces who are in a beauty pageant! Busy day!

Important Dates in October
10/2-Beauty pageant/dance recital/parade
10/9-Kenyon's 1st birthday
10/11-Rissa's 19th birthday
10/13-Ryan's birthday
10/16-Krissy's wedding
10/23-Ciara's birthday