Monday, January 31, 2011

End of January

Sorry! I got excited!
       I have been a Packer fan since before Favre started to retire the first time and now we are going to the Superbowl! Even if we do not win it is nice that they are there! Here is a funny true story about being a Green Bay Packer fan:
            My niece, Beth, was a Packer fan waaaay before I was. I watched football growing up but my family are die-hard Cowboys fans and I wasn't. One day I watched a Packers game with Beth and they became MY TEAM after that! So we spent years watching Packers games together and everyone in the family knew about our passion for the Packers. Our family still were majority Cowboys fans.
           One Monday night I rushed to my sisters house to watch the Packers game with Beth. As I was finding the game on the television another niece, Krissy, came rushing into the house. "Turn the game on! My team is playing!" she started yelling. I was dumbfounded! Come to find out that Krissy was a Packer fan and I NEVER KNEW IT! Years of watching the Packers and I never knew that my niece was rooting for MY TEAM! AND.....she didn't know I was a Packers fan either!!! SO this Superbowl Sunday is a special time for both of us:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

First post of 2011....

       So I know that 2011 has been here for 20 days already and I have yet to post a new blog. I am not one of those people who enjoy listing resolutions that I know I will never even attempt, much less succeed at, and I do not have HUGE plans for 2011 so there was no need for a NEW YEARS post. I have been busy going to school (3 and half classes left!) and knitting. Boy, have I been busy knitting!
      Finished projects since the first of the year include:
1.) My first EVER baby sweater! I got the pattern off of Ravelry and it is named "Baby Wrap" I had a little difficulty with it but love the finished project! As soon as I can I will post pics of it and the name of the author of the pattern.
2.) A "faux" cable baby hat. This matches "Baby Wrap" and is a gift for a friend of my niece, Krissy. This hat is adorable! It really looks like I used a cable needle but I used straight needles to make it! I love it! Pics will
be posted later for this as well.
3.) Cotton washcloths with the letter "E" in the middle...this is also for the friend of my niece. I used Peaches and Creme varigated pink and white, peach and white, and I am also thinking about a gold/yellow color. The baby's name is starts with an "E."
4.) A black ribbed hat for a friends sister....I am trying to find a way to add kitty ears to it because, well...even though I have never met my friends sister, I think she is a kitty ear hat wearing-type person.
5) I am almost done with a beanie for a friend done in a simple brown-nothing fancy. Just warm because he lives in NY and every pic he sends me shows SNOW EVERYWHERE!
         Projects I am going to start soon:
1.) A caterpillar toy. This is going to be in all peach from Pound of Love yarn. I don't know why I am going to make this. I saw the pattern and thought it was cute so I want to try it. I am sure I will find a baby somewhere in the family who likes it or it will keep LOLA the Pig company. Either way it looks fun!
2.) I am also making more Special Olympic scarves. The send-in for Virginia Special Olympics is 2-28 so I am trying to make as many as possible. When I checked the FB page for the Special Olympics scarf count for VA, I was sad to see that out of the 1700 needed for the athletes, their friends, families, and volunteers are only at 116 scarves. Terribly low numbers! I have made a couple already and my sister and her daughter are also working on some.
***Ok so now we are caught up...and I feel like a better blogger for having posted a new blog in the new year. The picture below was taken yesterday in Sussex, Va at around sunset. I was driving and the light was perfect so I snapped the picture with my Blackberry. It is a little fuzzy but I was going 60 mph and its from my phone....until next post!

<--Sunset yesterday-1/19/11