Thursday, January 20, 2011

First post of 2011....

       So I know that 2011 has been here for 20 days already and I have yet to post a new blog. I am not one of those people who enjoy listing resolutions that I know I will never even attempt, much less succeed at, and I do not have HUGE plans for 2011 so there was no need for a NEW YEARS post. I have been busy going to school (3 and half classes left!) and knitting. Boy, have I been busy knitting!
      Finished projects since the first of the year include:
1.) My first EVER baby sweater! I got the pattern off of Ravelry and it is named "Baby Wrap" I had a little difficulty with it but love the finished project! As soon as I can I will post pics of it and the name of the author of the pattern.
2.) A "faux" cable baby hat. This matches "Baby Wrap" and is a gift for a friend of my niece, Krissy. This hat is adorable! It really looks like I used a cable needle but I used straight needles to make it! I love it! Pics will
be posted later for this as well.
3.) Cotton washcloths with the letter "E" in the middle...this is also for the friend of my niece. I used Peaches and Creme varigated pink and white, peach and white, and I am also thinking about a gold/yellow color. The baby's name is starts with an "E."
4.) A black ribbed hat for a friends sister....I am trying to find a way to add kitty ears to it because, well...even though I have never met my friends sister, I think she is a kitty ear hat wearing-type person.
5) I am almost done with a beanie for a friend done in a simple brown-nothing fancy. Just warm because he lives in NY and every pic he sends me shows SNOW EVERYWHERE!
         Projects I am going to start soon:
1.) A caterpillar toy. This is going to be in all peach from Pound of Love yarn. I don't know why I am going to make this. I saw the pattern and thought it was cute so I want to try it. I am sure I will find a baby somewhere in the family who likes it or it will keep LOLA the Pig company. Either way it looks fun!
2.) I am also making more Special Olympic scarves. The send-in for Virginia Special Olympics is 2-28 so I am trying to make as many as possible. When I checked the FB page for the Special Olympics scarf count for VA, I was sad to see that out of the 1700 needed for the athletes, their friends, families, and volunteers are only at 116 scarves. Terribly low numbers! I have made a couple already and my sister and her daughter are also working on some.
***Ok so now we are caught up...and I feel like a better blogger for having posted a new blog in the new year. The picture below was taken yesterday in Sussex, Va at around sunset. I was driving and the light was perfect so I snapped the picture with my Blackberry. It is a little fuzzy but I was going 60 mph and its from my phone....until next post!

<--Sunset yesterday-1/19/11