Monday, August 23, 2010

Need new projects....

It is official...I have run out of projects to knit! I know that Christmas is right around the corner but honestly I do not think my family likes handknit gifts. Besides I can't afford the really nice yarn (wools, cashmeres, alpacas, etc.) and would feel really bad making people Christmas gifts with cheap yarn. So right now the only project I have on my needles is a new Pink and Brown baby blanket for Kylie. She is only a couple of weeks old but she already prefers my blanket (the 1st one I made her!) to any other blanket she has [Thanks, Brie ;)] so I am making her a "spare!"

I talked to my sister and she wants to learn to knit. So since it is almost Winter I have decided now is the perfect time to make hats and scarves for charity...especially since these are great beginner projects for my sister. We are going to meet a couple times a week to knit and then after knitting we will go for a walk. I loosely call it our: Walk-n-Knit-a-thon. I am hoping that we will lose weight (which I know she will) and help people at the same time. Personally, I can knit and walk at the same time but she will be a newbie. Strangely, though she can purl but not knit. I do not know how. Maybe I will get her to teach me how to crochet....hey....a new hobby may be in order since I have nothing to knit....hmmm.....

Updated upcoming birthdays for my family:
Lena-Aug. 26
Elena-Sept. 2
Taylor-Sept. 3
Kaycee-Sept. 4
Aulbrie-Sept. 16
Logan-Sept. 19
Tracey-Sept. 25

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am terrible at making up titles....

I can not come up with titles for these entries to save my life...if you look back at past posts you'll see that I have used the same title for two different posts! So here is an update of that is going on with me lately:

The baby great niece is a week old now and is doing absolutely great! Her mommy and daddy are doing a great job as well...I am proud of both of them!!

On the knitting front: I am working on a purple pouch for a friend's mom...I am actually thinking of making in regular purple and one that is purple with blue fun fur fun fur is fun just thinking about that!

I am still working on one of my purses...the kit purse...I never realized that changing colors soooo much would be a pain....I am not sure I will ever do something with four color changes again...well, maybe NEVER but it would have to be a special project.

After a couple of weeks of stressing out about some financial aid issues my classes are now back in swing! I was worried to death that I would have to quit school but thankfully I can continue on trying to get my Bachelor's degree in Communications...phew!!! I just started a class called Communication Law and it is difficult! I have never been interested in the law or studying the law so this class is a little bit much....

Anyway, that is about it...I will post more soon!!!

Family Birthdays for the month of August:

Kylie--born August 5th

Kristina--August 13th

Kirsten-August 13th

Lena-August 26th

*Don't forget to wish them Happy Birthday to all of them!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome to the world, Kylie!!!

Kylie Rose Benson born August 5th, 2010
7lbs 10oz 19 1/2 in. long

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, the day has finally Aulbrie went to the doctor and they decided tomorrow will be the day: BABY DAY!!!

After 9 looooooong months, Aulbrie will check into the hospital and they will begin the process of inducing her labor. I can not wait to meet her baby! Already we know she is having a little girl and as of right now she is named: Kylie Rose....a beautiful name!!

Everyone in the family is super excited! We already have a list of dates and weights we think the baby will be (this was actually a fun list posted on if you haven't guessed yet: HURRY UP!!)

I know Aulbrie and Ryan are young but I think they will be good parents....already they have shown a level of committment that most people their ages have not...they have gone to all the appts, attempted to read everything they can, have gotten their nursery together....they are ready!!!!

Anyway I am excited! I will be a GREAT AUNT-again!!!! Kylie will be my 7th great niece/nephew...not quite as many great nieces/nephews as I have regular nieces and nephews but it is getting there!!

Whenever a new baby is born or about to be born I always think about my mom and what she would think about the newest edition to the family....Mom loved babies and grandbabies especially! I know that GREAT grandbabies would have made her extra happy!!!! At these times I really miss her. She would have been the first one to call the ENTIRE family with updates to the delivery and make sure everyone guessed how much the baby weighed...and she would be watching all the kids while all the adults went to the hospital...

I have this picture of her and she is holding one of her grandkids. She is looking down and the look on her face shows exactly what she is thinking. She is thinking about how much she loved this new little baby and how promising the future looked for that child. All the hard years we had with the family would not happen to this new little member because we have changed, we have grown, our lives are better then they were. I miss you, Mom!

Please watch over the newest member of the family that will be born within the next couple of days and bless her from Heaven with the look you had on Earth!