Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, the day has finally Aulbrie went to the doctor and they decided tomorrow will be the day: BABY DAY!!!

After 9 looooooong months, Aulbrie will check into the hospital and they will begin the process of inducing her labor. I can not wait to meet her baby! Already we know she is having a little girl and as of right now she is named: Kylie Rose....a beautiful name!!

Everyone in the family is super excited! We already have a list of dates and weights we think the baby will be (this was actually a fun list posted on if you haven't guessed yet: HURRY UP!!)

I know Aulbrie and Ryan are young but I think they will be good parents....already they have shown a level of committment that most people their ages have not...they have gone to all the appts, attempted to read everything they can, have gotten their nursery together....they are ready!!!!

Anyway I am excited! I will be a GREAT AUNT-again!!!! Kylie will be my 7th great niece/nephew...not quite as many great nieces/nephews as I have regular nieces and nephews but it is getting there!!

Whenever a new baby is born or about to be born I always think about my mom and what she would think about the newest edition to the family....Mom loved babies and grandbabies especially! I know that GREAT grandbabies would have made her extra happy!!!! At these times I really miss her. She would have been the first one to call the ENTIRE family with updates to the delivery and make sure everyone guessed how much the baby weighed...and she would be watching all the kids while all the adults went to the hospital...

I have this picture of her and she is holding one of her grandkids. She is looking down and the look on her face shows exactly what she is thinking. She is thinking about how much she loved this new little baby and how promising the future looked for that child. All the hard years we had with the family would not happen to this new little member because we have changed, we have grown, our lives are better then they were. I miss you, Mom!

Please watch over the newest member of the family that will be born within the next couple of days and bless her from Heaven with the look you had on Earth!