Monday, August 23, 2010

Need new projects....

It is official...I have run out of projects to knit! I know that Christmas is right around the corner but honestly I do not think my family likes handknit gifts. Besides I can't afford the really nice yarn (wools, cashmeres, alpacas, etc.) and would feel really bad making people Christmas gifts with cheap yarn. So right now the only project I have on my needles is a new Pink and Brown baby blanket for Kylie. She is only a couple of weeks old but she already prefers my blanket (the 1st one I made her!) to any other blanket she has [Thanks, Brie ;)] so I am making her a "spare!"

I talked to my sister and she wants to learn to knit. So since it is almost Winter I have decided now is the perfect time to make hats and scarves for charity...especially since these are great beginner projects for my sister. We are going to meet a couple times a week to knit and then after knitting we will go for a walk. I loosely call it our: Walk-n-Knit-a-thon. I am hoping that we will lose weight (which I know she will) and help people at the same time. Personally, I can knit and walk at the same time but she will be a newbie. Strangely, though she can purl but not knit. I do not know how. Maybe I will get her to teach me how to crochet....hey....a new hobby may be in order since I have nothing to knit....hmmm.....

Updated upcoming birthdays for my family:
Lena-Aug. 26
Elena-Sept. 2
Taylor-Sept. 3
Kaycee-Sept. 4
Aulbrie-Sept. 16
Logan-Sept. 19
Tracey-Sept. 25