Saturday, September 4, 2010


<--Kaycee as a baby

Kaycee @ 2-->

Today is Sept. 4th and it is my great niece, Kaycee's 2nd birthday!! Tomorrow is her birthday party and I cannot wait to give her my gifts! She loves Yo Gabba Gabba, baby dolls, and cleaning! Unfortunately Yo Gabba Gabba is impossible to find (I suspect that the manufacturer are on purposely holding back selling it so that @ Xmas we will see a repeat of the Tickle Me Elmo fiasco!)
Anyway, I searched high and low to find Kaycee the perfect gift! For once, I didn't even consider making Kaycee anything. For 1, what 2 year old wants a dumb ole knitted thing from their great aunt? (Besides me and all my knitty friends!) For 2, Kaycee is not a make something for type of girl. She has particular tastes and ideas-even at 2! So I ended up getting her a broom, dustpan, mop, "swiffer" and a couple of boxes of things like "fake latex gloves" and "fake cleaning solution." It is a-dora-ble!!! Oh, and I also got her a pink reusable shopping bag or "diaper bag" for her baby dolls. It is perfect because it has an elephant on it! She learned to "read" the word elephant from the "Your baby can read!" series! Inside the bag I threw in pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, and a pearl headband--and about 10 candy necklaces! She is going to love it!!!
So what is in store for the rest of the month? Well, I have started walking again. Sometimes with my sister, sometimes with my niece, and sometimes by myself. I am not actively trying to lose weight just trying to move around. So many of my "hobbies" involve sitting that I just want to move before I grow into a piece of furniture. Also if I happen to lose weight it will be a bonus! My niece (Kaycee's mommy) is getting married next month so losing weight might make a difference between a fat persons outfit and a not so fat persons outfit!
I am also working on charity knits. I have been searching on Ravelry for simple hat patterns, scarf, mitten (glittens or gloves), and even blanket patterns. I have knitted one adult hat, a preemie hat, and I am working on a matching blanket for the preemie hat. Winter is coming so I hope to be able to keep someone warm!
Upcoming events for the rest of Sept:
Kaycee's bday party-Sept. 5th
School starts-Sept. 7th
Aulbrie's 18th bday-Sept. 16th
Logan's 5th bday-Sept. 19th
Tracey's bday-Sept. 25th