Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School....Crayon Wreath

So school started back here again on Tuesday and I have to say I am sooooo happy to see the big yellow bus picking up kids again. This year the family has 2 kids beginning their academic careers-Logan and Carmen-both started kindergarten! Yay!! I had fun helping Carmen get school supplies and clothes for her "Big Year!" I hope this year is great for both Carmen and Logan!

I was at Michael's Craft Store over the weekend and as usual I love looking at the displays that they make to show off products. One wreath really impressed me but the price was really scary-$40! I could never see myself spending that kind of money for something that I could make at a fraction of the the crafter that I am...I made it! Above is the picture of my Crayon Wreath! I made it for Carmen's teacher and as soon as someone heads up to the school she will receive this gift!! Before I write down how I did it...I have to mention the differences between my homemade wreath and Michael's $40 wreath!

Michael's Wreath: Bigger, less decroations, and way more expensive! Oh, and not handmade-store bought!

My Crayon Wreath: Smaller, more decorative, and a lot cheaper! Oh, and handmade-not store bought!!!

So here is how I did it:


Supplies needed:

foam wreath from Dollar store

Crayola crayons (I used 3.5 boxes of Crayolas)

pack of erasers from Dollar store

pack of Sticky notes from Dollar store

wooden School Bus from Michael's (bought on sale for .10)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

**Get everything opened and set up before beginning**

1. Glue crayons-making sure the labels all face the same way-onto the foam wreath. Make sure there are gaps between the crayons because this is the "base" row.

2. Glue 2nd round of crayons on top of "base" row. These will fill up the gaps between the crayons.

3. Glue decorations on top of crayons

*add any type of decorations you want to personalize! I added the teachers name to the Sticky pad!

**add ribbons or bows for decoration

***I did not add a hanger but one could be added if you want or need


Michael's wreath cost $40....Mine? Less than $5!!!!