Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am terrible at making up titles....

I can not come up with titles for these entries to save my life...if you look back at past posts you'll see that I have used the same title for two different posts! So here is an update of that is going on with me lately:

The baby great niece is a week old now and is doing absolutely great! Her mommy and daddy are doing a great job as well...I am proud of both of them!!

On the knitting front: I am working on a purple pouch for a friend's mom...I am actually thinking of making in regular purple and one that is purple with blue fun fur fun fur is fun just thinking about that!

I am still working on one of my purses...the kit purse...I never realized that changing colors soooo much would be a pain....I am not sure I will ever do something with four color changes again...well, maybe NEVER but it would have to be a special project.

After a couple of weeks of stressing out about some financial aid issues my classes are now back in swing! I was worried to death that I would have to quit school but thankfully I can continue on trying to get my Bachelor's degree in Communications...phew!!! I just started a class called Communication Law and it is difficult! I have never been interested in the law or studying the law so this class is a little bit much....

Anyway, that is about it...I will post more soon!!!

Family Birthdays for the month of August:

Kylie--born August 5th

Kristina--August 13th

Kirsten-August 13th

Lena-August 26th

*Don't forget to wish them Happy Birthday to all of them!!!!