Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Been Busy.....

     I feel so neglectful of my blog...and I am sorry. I have been really busy as of late and have been unable to blog. Right now I am working on finishing up a HUGE project: my Bachelor's degree in Communications. On June 6th 2011, I will be finished! I am really excited! Besides school I am also helping my niece plan a baby shower. In Sept. she will be giving birth to a little boy! Her theme for the shower is pacifiers and it will be held in July. For the new baby I am going to knit a faux cable baby hat, a blanket and some booties, I have already finished Baby's First Wrap in a nice antique white but may have to redo it in blue since I made it before we knew he was a boy (my niece already has a 2 yr old daughter so I was trying to keep it neutral!)
     Also on my needles is a graduation gift for my nieces best friend, but she is more like a niece to me so I feel honored to be making her a blanket! She asked me about a month ago to make her a purple and blue throw so that she can carry it to college with her in the Fall. Let me tell: I was soooooo honored!! What 18 year old girl asks for a handmade knit afghan for a graduation gift??? So I bought the yarn: Impeccable yarn in Navy and Lavendar. I figured 2-3 months is plenty of time to make a throw...however, this blanket is refusing to be made! I have re-done this thing 3 times! I am on my third DIFFERENT pattern!! Right now I am doing a modified baby blanket pattern that seems to be working. I hope it keeps working because I am running out of time! ARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!
      When I am done with all the baby items and the graduation afghan I will post pictures: that is if the Graduation afghan doesn't kill me first!!!!!