Thursday, March 14, 2013 has been a while....

I know that I have been a bad blogger and have ignored this blog for a while now. I apologize. I have missed  blogging a lot but have been so busy that it has been difficult to find time to visit. Lately I have been spending a lot of time working on my Master's degree so at least I have a good excuse for being away. My family has had a recent plague (yes! plague!) of pregnancies. 5 nieces...5! YES! 5! Two are due in the Spring/Summer and the other 3 are due in the Fall/Winter. So far I am due to have 2 more great-nephews (May and June) and the other 3 are still too early to tell. I am hoping for girls because I am already getting tired of knitting blue! I just finished one set of items for the first pregnant niece (pictures will come later because she has not seen them yet) and her Baby Shower is this Saturday, March 16th. I already have plans for the second pregnant niece whose baby theme is ocean/nautical. A lot of baby knitting is in my future because I like each new mom to have at least one handmade item...usually a blanket.

I have really not knit anything fun or interesting so far this year. I began, on New Year's Eve, a Green Bay Packer blanket for myself (partly my own design and partly a design off of Ravelry) and I have been working on it between baby items. I will post pictures of it on here later (when I take some!). Oh! My niece, Marine Cheze, moved back to the East Coast after 4 years of being stationed in California. One day she sent me a picture and asked if I could knit her the item in the picture. I fussed at her and told her that I cannot just knit things on the fly like that....I am not a machine. I, of course, was knitting it for her. Later that day I gave her this:

Before anyone thinks she is strange: she is! No, really though she recently took up snowboarding with her boyfriend and some friends so she needed to keep her face warm on the mountain...and she is strange! But what can I say? She got it honestly...from me!

I have missed you, blog! I will be back soon with pictures of baby items and a Packer blanket!