Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014 Crafts!

     My best friend and I have been spending the last few weeks creating! Jamie is a wonderful artist with an eye for color that is amazing...I wish I had half her talent! I, on the other hand, am an idea person (and a person who is mildly obsessed with Google!) who loves to craft. For Halloween this year my sister is hosting a Haunted Trail/Halloween Party. One table is going to be decorated while the other two will hold food and drinks. I decided that we needed to decorate this ONE table to the best of our ability. The scene is going to be MYSTICAL! The table will have a black tablecloth, an oval mirror, a "SPELL" book, candles, and various other pieces. Also my sister is going to have the 1st annual Costume Contest...which needed trophies! Jamie and I have had so much fun making these items that it didn't seem like hard work at all!!!!!

     Since this is going to be outside, in the elements, and with children running around, we didn't want any "real" candles burning. The red eyeball and black skull "candles" are made very simply! We used toilet paper rolls with hot glue covering them. Jamie used her amazing eye for color to bring this to life! The eyeball and the skull were bought at the Dollar Tree...we cut them in half and just used hot glue to put them on. We made several with various amounts of hot glue and several different colors! Jamie and I had a blast bringing these to life!
Red eye candle--made from toilet paper rolls!
Black skull candle--made from toilet paper roll and hot glue

Mock up of table scene

     The above picture is a "mock up" of how the table is hopefully going to look. The mirror was purchased at Goodwill-2 for $5-and made over! I will be posting a close-up of these mirrors on my next blog. The frames are plastic but hold paint really well! The "spell" books are hard backs my sister purchased at a thrift store. For one dollar she got to put as many books in a bag that would fit. I glued the books shut (except one) and spray painted them black. The open book will be made over more to look like a "spell" book. I will post AFTER pictures later. The "lighted candles" are plastic battery-powered candles from the Dollar Tree. They were a shocking white so Jamie painted them black so that they would not stick out too badly!

         Below are pictures of the trophies needed for the costume contest. The first one is a baby doll from the Dollar Tree. I took off her clothes, "shaved" her hair (cut it and pulled out strands with nail clippers), and spray painted her gold. At first I thought this was enough BUT Jamie decided it needed to fit the mood SO I removed her head, added a gold skull (leftover from the toilet paper candles), and hot glued it to a plaque. The plaques for all three trophies cost less than $4....hand and rat plaques were $.75 (because of damage) at Micheal's Crafts and the baby doll plaque was a piece of wood Jamie had.
Cute baby trophy-BEFORE

Cute Baby trophy-AFTER

Scary Costume trophy

Overall Best Costume trophy
      The hand trophy is also from the Dollar Tree! It was a plastic severed hand that I spray painted gold and hot glued to a plaque. Dollar Tree also had a black rat in its Halloween section. I spray painted that gold as well and glued it to a small plaque. Later (not in this picture) I added red rhinestones to the eyes and red to the lips.

             Stay tuned for more Halloween pictures!!!!!