Tuesday, November 30, 2010


          I am sorry blog readers for the long absence....I have been busy with school and life and knitting. My latest projects include making snowpeople for my sister, fingerless gloves for my nephew, and a scarf for Special Olympics. Yesterday I found the cutest family of mice on Ravelry....hmmm....where is that gray yarn I bought? Simply Soft by Caron, where are you? I have needles that want to meet you!

          So Halloween was here at the end of last month and I loved seeing my nieces and nephews dress up...Carmen was a witch, Tay was a PoliceCop, Kenyon was Chicken Little, TJ was a red-faced monster, Madox was the Itsy-bitsy spider, Kylie was a lamb, and Kayce was a princess/ninja/kitty. Watching them dress up and get candy was the sweetest thing!! I had a great time! It seemed that Halloween was too short, though. When I was younger it seemed like an all day event, now it seems like only about 2 hours.

          Then there was Turkey Day! Turkey Day was held in my family's annual location...a church banquet hall in my town. This year there was a nice turn out of about 55 people and there was a TON of food! No one disagreed, everyone laughed and told stories. Just caught up on our stories and our lives...it was nice. Even the decorations were nice! The first year we did it the hall looked almost like a soup kitchen-metal chairs, folding tables, mismatched plasticware. Now in our 5th year, the family has pulled together a nice assortment of decorations and fall themed items. Going there is familiar and I am not sure how Turkey Day would be without doing it this way...

          So tomorrow is the start of December....25 official days til Xmas...I have already decided on making edible gifts this year and the family can like it or lump it! I think it is nice when someone thinks enough about you to spend time MAKING something for you. I would rather have 100 crappy macaroni noodle ornaments than slippers or body wash sets. I think next Xmas I will propse a "Make Adults Gift Holiday" it will be cheaper and much more personal.

      That's all I have right now...I promise not to wait 2 months to update again. As a matter of fact, once my snowman family is complete I will post pics....and if I can ever find that gray Caron I will post pics of the little mice family as well!!!!

Important Dates for December
Deria Bday            12-7
Xmas Eve              12-24
Xmas Day             12-25
New Years Eve     12-31