Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lu Lu Loopsy

I purchased this pattern from Ravelry.com about a week and a half ago. I love it! So easy to do, cute, and fun. I had a little trouble with the hair...not because of the pattern but because I am useless when it comes to making the twists needed for the hair. Had I followed the instructions I am sure it would have worked out. Please pop over to Ravelry.com and look at all the great patterns created by Phoenixknits (a.k.a phoeny) She has free patterns and patterns to purchase...all of them brilliant, well-written, and FUN!!!

Without hair, ribbons, eyes, or smile!

Bows on feet and dress
Standing up

Tomorrow I cast-on for a BOY...I will be using blue to make "jeans" white to make a shirt and black for the hair (no twists...just hair on the scalp). I can't wait to start making her BROTHER!!