Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Still here!!!!

     I am sorry that I have, once again, become neglectful of my poor blog...I really do love writing here and sharing my projects but since starting my MBA classes my project making has been slowed down. I am proud of the fact that I have been taking pictures of everything I have knit...as I promised in my last post (LAST MONTH! WOW!) Lately, I have been on a doll making kick...I don't know why since I don't have any little ones (personally anyway) to give them to but love making them for my great nieces and nephews.     My great-niece, Carmen, who has several pictures on this blog...(she's the one holding the one holding the basket of "Fall" foods in previous blogs)....... will be turning 7 years old in a few days so all of my knitting has been revolving around dolls she may like.
     The pattern below is Petite Dolls by Hollymariet on Ravelry. It is a free pattern. Petite Dolls
I made a boy and a girl with eyelash yarn for hair...the boy doll I kind of "faked" hair. The very bottom picture shows the "brother and sister" next to each other. Carmen LOVED these dolls! We immediately had to play dolls...her brother being the "brother" doll, Carmen being the "sister with long hair" doll, and I was a third doll that I made (there are no pics of her because she was my "practice" doll...bad hair, bad body shape, bad colors...just...bad!)

     If you are still looking at this page and have made it this far....YAY! I am going to "piggyback" another post in just a few minutes. I purchased my first Ravelry pattern by Phoenixknits called "Lu Lu Loopsy" and made Carmen one of them. She was just finished today and while she is not perfect (like Phoenixknits are) I love her!