Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog update.....

I realize that I have not been posting alot on here lately but the only camera I have is on my Blackberry. Recently, my Blackberry has been on the fritz and I don't like to post without pictures ( I think it makes for better reading) Yet, this is all going to change! This week I am getting a new phone-the EVO SHIFT! I am so excited! Once this phone arrives I will be taking a TON of pictures and my posts will increase! I cannot wait to add clear, beautiful pictures! The pictures I have posted always seem a little blurry to me so being able to post clear, bright, colorful pictures is an exciting prospect! YAY! I like to be able to add pictures of all the fun and pretty things I have knit is a partial list:
2 Bunnies- 1 white and 1 grey
4 Stegosaurus'-2 lite pink/dark pink and 2 black/grey
A caterpillar
a couple of Bunny Nuggets
my last Special Olympic Scarf
5 hats for a friend

***I will be adding pics of some of these projects as soon as I can! I hope to be able to show you more in the future!***