Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bunnies....Bunnies.....Bunnies! Multiplying everywhere!!!!

      Because Easter is upon us, and my sister likes to collect eggs, I have started knitting bunnies. It started with a simple Bunny Nugget pattern I found on Ravelry and has blown up into a full blown bunny obsession. I have now made 3. I got the pattern from the Lion Brand website to start and have changed it around to be something more suitable for what I wanted. The first bunny I made using just the Lion Brand pattern was not very bunny-ish. I never really finished him but gave him to my sister anyway-despite not having a face. I made this white "test pattern" bunny using Red Heart White yarn.

     The second bunny I made I used a gray Vanna Choice yarn and changed the pattern slightly so that it was easier and more complete for me to work with. I loved it! I added a little pink nose and mouth as well as button eyes. These buttons are not the flat kind but little round bead-type buttons. When I showed him to my sister she asked me not to make arms and legs, so......he is limb-less. Adorable though!!!

Gray Bunny----->

     Then came Ruby....I was inspired to make Ruby because I had yet to make a girl bunny and every boy bunny needs a girl. Once again I used the modified Lion Brand pattern, just like the gray bunny, but this time I used pink Pound Of Love yarn. She is soooo adorable it is unbelievable! Instead of making the bottom of her feet pink like the rest of her body, I used Ruby Red eyelash yarn to make "high heels", "hair bow" that goes around her ear or her wrist, and a feather boa. Also in the making is a small basket made out of the same Ruby Red eyelash yarn. She is smart and sassy!!

Ruby in construction------->

<---Ruby's "high heel"


     Once I am done with making Ruby's basket I will post another picture with her wearing her snazzy Ruby Red feather boa! The baskets are adorable too and I have already made 3 or 4...another great Rav pattern!!!