Friday, April 8, 2011

My newest project.....

     I found a book at Joann's a few months ago that I fell in love with....Amy Gaine's "Little Knitted Creatures" this book had everything I love about knitting: cute, easy, fast projects-on straight needles!!! The book was a little pricey so I did not buy it but I did visit it several times and even looked at it on by the way surprised me because they gave you an inside look at the book including a free pattern!!! Recently, the book went on sale and thanks to my sister talking me into buying, I brought it home! There are 26 cute projects in the book and each one is well-written and easy!
     So, I have challenged myself! I want to make all 26 of these adorable creatures-they range from gnomes and acorns to bunnies! So far I have made 4!!!!! And I just cast on my fifth!!! I do not think I have spent more than 2 days on one project....sooooo nice and easy!!! The kids in my family love them too!
Rainbow Fish
Rainbow fish....made from recycled yarn
This little crab is made from Red Christmas yarn with tinsel throughout
Sheep side view
Sheep made with Wool bought from Metro Richmond Zoo