Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adventures in Earthquakes....a true story

     I live in Virginia and if there is a tv in the US that is not talking about the "rare" Earthquake that happened yesterday than either a.) you have changed it becuase you are sick of the media making a big fuss; b.) you do not own a tv and/or it is not turned on; OR c.) your watching something else. So the point I am trying to make is that yesterday, Aug. 23rd 2011 a 5.9 earthquake occurred at 1:51 pm EST. I live south of where the actual earthquakes epicenter was but still felt it. Here is how it happened at my house:
       Noon: my great-niece who is 2 asks me to take a nap. I happily oblige because she is 2 and asked for a nap and because it is a nap! Who can pass up a nap??
       1:15: We are finally asleep after an hour and fifteen minutes of kissing a teeny, tiny boo-boo on her finger that she insists was caused by her 17 year old uncle biting her AND talking about my eyebrows and their locations. Also for some reason she insisted on talking about the dog going potty outside and not in the BIG GIRL POT-POT.
      1:51: EARTHQUAKE! At first I thought it was a train going by, because, well I live across from a train track. Seriously. The train is literally right across the street! I look up because I realize that the train is shaking the house TOO much and from side-to-side and I see my mom's doll SHAKING forward on the shelf. Also all of my piggy banks (I collect them!) were CLANKING on their shelf. I jump up because my head is screaming: EARTHQUAKE!!! And I run out of the bedroom screaming my 10 year old nieces name. I look out the window and see a train...BUT the top of the train cars look like they are pitching over. My 10 year old niece is standing at the front door looking out: "WHAT IS GOING ON?" she screams. "I think we are having an earthquake!" I tell her. She looks at me like I grew another now the house has stopped shaking.
      I turn on the news and there is nothing on about an earthquake. My niece flips open her brand-new birthday present (she turned 10 on Aug. 13th) Nintendo 3DSi and begins reading on the Internet that there was an earthquake. The news finally breaks through the soap operas to talk about the earthquake. Thankfully, after the phone lines resume working I find out that my family is safe...
     This morning I find out that there have been aftershocks that are nearly as strong as the original quake and that there has been damage, especially close to the epicenter: Mineral, Va. Also people from South Carolina to Rhode Island felt the quake as well as out West in Detroit and Indiana. So far as I write this no deaths have been reported although people did report having heart attacks and strokes because of the quake. There has been a lot of property damage mainly by the epicenter and thankfully no one in my family had any damage to report (although my piggy banks did all need to be pushed BACK on their shelf!)
     The last earthquake I remember in Va was in 2003. All I remember about that is the floor felt like it was rolling for a second and then it was over. Of course, that earthquake was only like a 4.1 and the epicenter was no where near my house so it really didn't matter. Yesterday was....interesting....
      So what's your earthquake story???