Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lola the Pig

I know that I have not posted yet in July but please do not worry! I am hard at work on Lola the Pig! Right now she is almost complete! She has no eyes, no ears, no tail, and only 3 and a half feet BUT she is almost done! I did not think that I would be able to make something like a toy but it does seem to be a little easier than I expected...So here she is (in almost all of her glory! Oh and the pics are from my BB so they are not the greatest! Sorry!)

This first picture (on the left) is Lola on the needles. The second picture (on the right) is Lola after her body is complete...I am showing the increase section of her hind part because I am proud of the fact that in order to make Lola I learned 2 new stitches...M1 and SSK!!!

These are Lola's "profile" pictures! You can really tell she is turning into a pig!!! I love how the picture on the left shows her "waistline" and the one on the right shows her "ears" and the point of her nose!!

These are my final two pictures of Lola as she is right now. The one on the left is my favorite of all pictures (ummm...excuse her being propped up by the remote!) because to me she seems the most expressive in this picture. In the picture on the left is not a pair of pasties!!! They are Lola legs...well just two out of four...I am in the middle of making the fourth foot and finished the third one right after I snapped this picture!!

So....this is why I have not been blogging...I have been pig knitting!!!!

My next project will either be the DJ Lance Rock hat (by Vickie Howell @ for my great-nephew Kenyon's 1st birthday (in October) OR a monkey for Taylor...after the success of Lola, maybe more knitted toys are in order!!
( out family! I am addicted to something else you will be getting as gifts!!!)

**I will be posting finished Lola pictures along with a link to her pattern in my next is such a great pattern I want to give oodles of credit to her designer!!!!**