Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Logan and Carmen's Preschool Graduation

Tonight is a big night for the family: Both my nephew, Logan, and my great-niece, Carmen's, preschool graduation. Logan is 4 yrs old and is CRAZY for Iron Man! He loves dressing up and is smart as can be! He loves school and did excellent in every subject! He is my next to the oldest sisters son and the only boy...his 3 sisters are all he knows how to be sarcastic, too!!! Logan is the love of my sisters life! She says she loves all of her children equally but I think because he was born when she was a little older, she had a little more time to enjoy him.

Carmen turned 5 in March and is my nieces oldest daughter. She is beautiful, smart, funny, and fun to be around. She loves her grandma (my oldest sister) more than life itself. I swear, when my nieces were little my sister never was as close to them as she is to her "Bay-bah." It is so sweet to see them doing hair, nails, watching tv, scrapbooking, cooking and a hundred other things they do together.

Both of these great kids graduate tonight from preschool and even though they went to two different schools, they both get to walk across the same stage tonight. I am excited for them. The flowers in this post are flowers that I think represent the sense of joy I feel at thinking of these two great kids growing up...beautiful and full of hope.
Congrats Carmen and Logan!!! Kindergarten is next!