Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pink and Brown continues....

Sunday is the big day...THE BABY SHOWER....not mine but my niece's baby shower and I am in a knitting fever! I have completed the blanket, the booties (all 3 of them, lol!) and the cardigan (it is still in pieces) and now the hat is on the needles (a new pattern that I am excited about! A wavy pattern!) I am beginning to feel the knitting crunch but am so excited about completing all the projects! This also explains my lack of posting on my blog--knitting! I am now convinced that I am addicted to knitting because despite being overwhelmed with knitting projects, I am already looking for a new project! I may need knitting rehab...I will go gladly as long as I can bring my knitting!
I am also beginning to worry about my 8 year old niece because for a couple of years now she has been begging me to teach her how to knit. I have kid needles but she is a lefty and it worries me that I do not have the skill set to teach her. On the positive side, I figured out a way to keep her ADHD underwraps in the car with me-winding yarn! Today I had to go pick up her brother and she wanted to go with me but as soon as she got in the car she started whining and fidgeting. I had two skeins of yarn in the car and gave them to her and said "Make them into balls!" She stayed still, AND QUIET, the entire time it took her to make those two skeins into balls! Forget about buying an electric ball winder-I have an ADHD kid at my disposal!!!